Mughal Garden To get on UNESCO World Heritage List

The tourism industry has been affected due to the pandemic and Jammu & Kashmir has presented its a case study for the six Mughal Gardens in the Kashmir Valley. The six Mughal are to be restored and will be added to the UNESCO world heritage list.

People are expecting this to help the tourism industry stand up on its feet after the pandemic. The gardens and parks were closed after the number of coronavirus cases began to rise.

Many tourists visit J&K to visit the beautiful gardens and Jammu and Kashmir are heavily dependant on the tourism industry as a source of revenue. The footfall significantly declined after the tourism industry started suffering due to the pandemic and traveling restrictions imposed by the government for the same reason.

The addition of Mughal gardens in the UNESCO world heritage will hopefully help in reviving the economy of Srinagar as Kashmir prepares to welcome tourists as the Unlock phase in India has started.