Most Expensive Cities of the World

There are many cities in the world which are the most expensive to live and travel. The basis on which the ratings of these cities are decided is by EIU, which compares the price of more than 400 things including food, clothing, household supplies etc. of different places to know the rates. Each city thereafter is ranked in comparison with New York’s WCOL (World Cost of Living) Index. Here we have the list of some of the most expensive cities of the world, have a look.


Expensive Cities World
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It is the one and only island city-state of the world. The World Bank has called it the easiest place for doing business. The place is also famous for its transport hubs and harsh rules. The price of things here is too expensive and the rate of living is also high.

Hong Kong

Expensive Cities World
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One of the most high-priced city to live in, is this autonomous territory, Hong Kong. Situated in Southeastern China this city is a global financial hub.

Zurich, Switzerland

Expensive Cities World
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One of the most costly cities of Europe is Zurich. The city is a center for banking and has a quality standard of life indexes in the world.


Expensive Cities World
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Situated in the heart of Japan, Tokyo has been ranked as one of the costliest cities on globe despite its weakening yen. You can have a glimpse of some alluring sites among large public gardens in the city and the place has a population of 9.273 million.

Osaka, Japan

Expensive Cities World
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This port city is known for its nightlife, street food and architecture. As it comes in the list of high-priced cities of the world, the price for a loaf of bread here is $5.91 and for a bottle of wine you are charged $13.33. One can get an idea through this as to how costly it is!

Seoul, South Korea

Expensive Cities World
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Situated in South Korea this city is also one of the most expensive. It is a huge metropolis with high-tech subways and culture to enjoy. It also has palaces and street markets to explore. Having a population of 9.86 million this place is expensive but a good one to visit once.

Geneva- Switzerland

Expensive Cities World
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The place is a global head for diplomacy and banking. Surrounded by the Alps and Jura Mountains, this place is amazing with the rates of everything being sky high and ready to dig a hole in your pocket.

Paris, France

Expensive Cities World
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You can get the idea of how much it is expensive as the average price of a loaf of bread here is $6.81, and for a bottle of wine, it will cost you $10.35.

New York, United States

Expensive Cities World
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This state is U.S’s most big-budget city and among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. It has some iconic sites to visit and is the place where the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The city is expensive as the average price of a loaf of bread here is $7.95, while for a liter of gas it costs $0.61.


Expensive Cities World
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This city of Denmark is again one of the most expensive to visit. The average price for a bottle of wine here is $12.87 and this can get you the idea of how expensive the city is. Having a population of 5,83,525 (as per 2015), this city is surrounded by gardens and is home to the crown jewels.