Mecca of travelers: San Francisco

Mecca of travelers: San Francisco

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The city of San Francisco, California is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast. Before being colonised by the Spanish on June 29, 1776, it was home to the Yelamu tribe. Today, San Francisco, also known as the city of neighbourhoods, has emerged as one of the top tourist destinations of North America, renowned for its own unique and distinct culture.

San Francisco is surrounded on all three sides by water, the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean, particularly influence the climate of San Francisco, resulting in what is termed a cool-summer Mediterranean climate. The months between May to October range from mild to warm, with average temperatures between 18–22 °C. From November to April, the weather tends to get slightly cooler. Rainfall is also witnessed in some parts. However, snowfall in the city is very rare. Thus, with a remarkably mild climate throughout the year, San Francisco is packed with tourists all the year round. Travel enthusiasts specifically recommend August and September for visiting the city.

San Francisco, being a major tourist hub of California can be accessed by three airports, namely, San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, Norman Y.Mineta San Jose International Airport. Usually, tourists opt for Oakland and San Jose as they tend to offer more discount airline flights. Another excellent and popular option to approach San Francisco is by a boat or ferry.The city’s spectacular skyline is best appreciated from the water.

San Francisco is one city where there is no dearth of activities, hotspots to explore. In fact, there is something or the other to suit every aspect of your travel persona. It’d be difficult to list all the major tourist destinations in and around San Francisco as the list would be endless.

Instead, given below is a compilation of must visit spots in your first visit to San Francisco:

• Golden Gate Bridge: Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the Golden Gate Bridge, which isn’t golden at all, links San Francisco to Marin County. Ever since its construction in 1933, San Francisco has come to be synonymous with this bridge, which was the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 feet, until the year 1964. Explore on foot by car, bicycle or on tour bus.

• Take the extremely popular cable car ride, constructed between the hills of San Francisco from Market Street to Fisherman’s Wharf.

• Fisherman’s Wharf : This is the most visited section of San Francisco as more than 75 percent of San Francisco’s visitors include Fisherman’s Wharf on their itinerary. Take in the fresh sea air as you watch fishermen busy in their daily activities.

• Alcatraz: A national park today, accessed by a boat ride, Alcatraz was a federal prison from 1934-1963, known for housing some of the most notorious convicts. Attracting almost a million visitors a year, a visit to Alcatraz offers the tourist a glimpse of the cell houses where prisoners were kept. It is recommended that you opt for the audio tour, which includes interviews with former inmates, making your tour more thrilling and evocative.

• Chinatown: Explore Grant, the oldest street in San Francisco or order a “dim sum” lunch, Chinatown adds another dimension to the city of San Francisco.

For sumptuous food, exciting travel destinations and a wonderful holiday, San Francisco ought to be your pick!


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