Maldives, your destination of love!

We all grow up dreaming of a perfect life partner, a lavish wedding and over time build our expectations for our honeymoon. Post wedding, your honeymoon is the time you get to be with ‘the one for you’ all alone, away from the chaos of life with each other, lost in love and curiosity, to discover more and more. You wish to know all about him/her, you want to spend the entire day talking to her or simply being around her, with no one to disturb and nothing to cause discomfort to your beloved. It is hence important to choose the right destination for your honeymoon, a beautiful backdrop would add a hundred colors to your memories and love and give you your moments of love.

Maldives, an island country situated right across the equator in the Indian Ocean is made up of a thousand and one ninety coral islands, separated from each other with bays, channels and lagoons. This country has been among one of the top honeymoon destinations in the lists of couples-to-be and newly weds. The islands, the serenity, the beaches, they say there is love in the air here; everything about this place attracts you to come here and celebrate love.

Despite of the isolation, it can offer you to get a bay from the world, the place is well connected. You could board a flight to Maldives from any corner of the world.

Once here, it would be difficult for you to resist a diving session, the clear water would lure you to dive in with your mask and fin on, to swim across and discover life under water.  This would surely stay with you for a long time and tickle you to smile at the amazing things and life forms you witnessed together in the water, away from the craziness and monotony of your regular lives.  It is obvious that not all of you would know diving already; you would easily be able to locate guides and instructors around the beaches to teach you diving in a couple of days.

If you and your spouse are adventurous in nature, this place definitely has a lot to offer to you and just incase you love water, then Maldives would be heaven for you. Almost every resort here has a sports center for water sports. Water polo, surfing, under water diving, you name it and they have it for you.

Walking around to the inhabited land will be interesting for you to study the local culture and pattern of living of people there. The local people here are mostly Sunni Muslims; you could see influence of Arab, south Indian and Sinhalese culture. It looks like fishing is the blood of the Maldivians, the fishermen get up early to set as early as possible on their hunting spree, on retuning home, a good catch is celebrated with family and folks. A little fishing competition between you and your better half would be a lovely memory to cherish later in life. Spend time along the beach under the night sky and twinkling stars and let intimacy and love lead you in knowing one another better.

You could visit Hukuru Muskyy, the oldest mosque in the country, its architecture and design would leave you in awe. Among other places, National museum is worth paying a visit to; it is also the only part of the Sultan’s palace which has survived all these years. Banana reef– this place has a little of everything, all life forms, coral growths, this is considered as an excellent place for swimming.

Best time: Maldives is mostly sunny; the best time to visit the country according to weather would be January to May. April is the peak season and thus is the costliest. May is comparatively cheaper and thus preferred more.
Have an amazing Honeymoon! Come back with lots of amazing memories and moments of the golden period for the two of you, to remember and cherish!