Lounge And Explore Beaches!

Beach vacations are always fun. They offer so many exciting opportunities. Moreover, the best part of a beach holiday is the fact that the lazy ones can laze around while the enthusiastic ones can venture out and explore. Listed below are some interesting beaches to which you can plan a vacation:

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia: Located 33 miles northwest of Tahiti in the Windward group of the Society Islands in French Polynesia. Tetiaroa is a gorgeous atoll and was formerly home to the Tahitian royalty. The atoll was first visited in the year 1789 by Royal Navy captain William Bligh, while searching for the mutineers that commandeered HMS Bounty. Visitors can find a large population of sea turtles and a total of 167 different species of fish namely blacktip sharks, spotted eagle rays and parrotfish among others in the healthy coral reef. The island with its 12 islets is perfect for lazing around and is best known for its untouched white-sand beaches.

San Diego, California: If you’re looking for a beach for a family vacation, San Diego in South California is the perfect option for you. In the surrounding neighbourhood of La Jolla, adventure activities such as snorkelling and kayaking are available. One can also explore the caves carved out of the cliffs by the Pacific Ocean’s waves over the years. This beach can be accessed via Southwest Airlines from New Orleans, Orlando, Portland, or Seattle.

Hvar, Croatia: Situated on the Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic Sea, this 115-square-mile island is slowly attracting attention, especially post the hotel development by SuncaniHvar Hotels. From pine forests, and fruit orchards to vineyards and aromatic lavender fields, this is the perfect beach destination for honeymooners. Though Hvar might not be the softest beach as it is covered in pebbles, the water will be perfectly clear and turquoise.

Fethiye, Turkey: One might consider Turkey to be a rather unusual beach destination, but plan a vacation to Fetihye and you’d have a different story to tell. From Oludeniz beach with its blue lagoon to the butterflies at KelebeklerVadisi and the pine-fringed Kıdrak, Turkey has a beautiful variety to offer.

Corfu, Greece: Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu was home to Venetians, the French, and the British throughout the years. The influences of all these cultures can be seen in the palaces, monuments, and fortresses which dot the island today. Corfu Town is the most-visited part of the island with day, with its narrow, shop-lined streets and outdoor cafes. If possible, try and visit Corfu from October 8–12, 2014, for the Corfu Beer and Gastronomy Festival in Arillas.

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji: A new beach retreat on the south western corner of Tokoriki Island, the Mamanuca Islands chain is a brilliant option for a beach vacation. With its palm-fringed beaches of powdery soft sand and its reef, this is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of a Fijian Giant Clam. Diving and snorkelling activities are popular here. In order to access Mamanuca Islands, the nearest airport is the Nadi International Airport in Fiji.

So go ahead, book your tickets and enjoy a lovely beach vacation!