London to get “World’s first” infinity pool with a 360-degree view

London is soon planning to add another impressive piece of architecture to its list and this time it is the rooftop pool. London has plans to build a rooftop infinity pool with 360-degree views of the London Skyline. The designs for the 600,000-liter pool and 55-story building, named Infinity London, have been unveiled by Compass Pools. It is not just an ordinary pool, it gives 360-degree views across the city.

Swimmers will feel like they’re floating 650 feet above the sky when they take a dip in this unique pool, which will sit atop of a 55-story building. In order to achieve the desired effect of transparency, cast acrylic is used as the primary material rather than glass. As cast acrylic transmits light at a similar wavelength to water, it allows the pool to appear flawlessly clear. Thanks to the transparent floor, observers below will have a clear view of the swimmers.

Though the most thrilling part of the infinity pool is how one enters and exits. Compass Pool’s swimming pool designer explains: “Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view— and obviously you don’t want 600,000 liters of water draining through the building either,”

To keep views pristine, there are no stairs on the outside of the pool or the building, instead, there is a spiral staircase that rotates and rises through the water provides access for swimmers. It’s a unique twist that adds a bit of flair to the experience and makes entering and exiting the pool as thrilling as the 360-degree views.

Additional technical features include a computer-controlled system to ensure the correct water temperature. This advanced infinity pool is also heated in a sustainable manner thanks to its use of renewable energy. There is a built-in anemometer to monitor the wind speed that will ensure that water does not blow onto the streets below.

The designers envisage that the pool will sparkle like “jewel-topped torch” at night, with the building fitted with a collection of lights.

The designers also plan for a five-star hotel to sit underneath the pool in the top stories of the skyscraper. Construction of the pool could begin in 2020 if partners and contractors are confirmed.