List of germ-infested items that we touch daily

 The confirmed cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day and the situation is getting worse. But we are still going on with our daily lives, so we need to be more cautious. We can’t help but touch highly germ-infested things. Here, is the list of places or items that are germ-infested:

•    Elevator buttons

We touch this thing daily, especially when you work in an office building. Just rub sanitizer after touching the buttons in an elevator.

•    Gym equipment’s

The hot and sweaty environment spreads bacteria easily. Gym equipment like weight, machines have double germs than your toilet seat. So be cautious while using gym equipment.

•    ATM buttons

Many people come and use ATMs every day. We can’t help it, but prevent it by washing hands or using sanitizer.

•    Public doors/ entrance

You have to do the opening and closing of public doors. So, sanitize your hands after touching any public door.

•    Car doorknobs

If you travel through cabs, then you should note this. Public car door handles can have a high amount of germs.

•    Public chairs

The chairs in every public area and transport have high germ-infested with a lot of people seated down on them. Just remember to practice basic hygiene at these places.

Frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizer can prevent you from coronavirus.