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Leh the former capital of Himalayan kingdom, now the Leh District in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second largest district in the country after Kutch , Gujarat with an area of 45,110  km2 . Since the 1999 war with Pakistan, and the consequent development of the Manali-Leh highway, it has become a bustling tourist town, with large numbers of Kashmiri traders. Leh is a small town and most places are at a walking distance. Situated on an elevation of 3555 meters (11,490 feets) so the risk of altitude sickness is quiet possible for the first few days.

Attractions of Leh   

Palace of the King of Ladhak: Built in the 17th century is the most noticeable place in Leh. The palace is undergoing restoration so there’s not much to see inside but you can catch good views out of the palace.

Pangong Tso: A deep blue water lake in the middle of Tall Mountain peaks. This beautiful high altitude Lake at 4359 meters lies on the Indo-China boundary with only one fourth of the lake in India.

Monasteries in Ladhak: A Buddhist monastery is meant to be the main center for worship, isolated meditation and religion teaching. These monasteries are also a major attraction for tourists in Ladhak along with its scenic beauty.

War Museum: This museum at Leh showcase the war efforts, history, glory & the sacrifices of Indian Army in its wars against Pakistan. One can also see photographs of those Indian soldiers who gave their lives for the nation. Its top floor exhibits all the war equipments seized by the Indian Army during the wars with Pakistan. Also known as the Hall of fame it has a fascinating display on the Siachen battlefield – the highest and more arduous battlefield in the world.

Donkey Sanctuary: This place is a home for helpless Donkeys. It is open to the tourists throughout the day and one can also give donation for the sanctuary and carrots to the Donkeys. This pleasant 5 to 10 minute stroll from the main road to the Sanctuary and the artistic surprise is well worth the effort.

Thrills & Fun     


Every Holiday destination in the world offers some thrill, adventure and fun to do. And when its about adventure in India, Ladhak is on the second position of most adventures places. And doing something adventurous in Ladhak has its own meaning and taste. And there are a lot of adventure sports and activity at Ladhak to choose from.

Mountain Climbing: Climbing session in Ladhak starts from the mid-May till the mid-October, Leh is the place to prepare for a trekking in Ladakh, which offers a huge number of possible trekking routes. The area nearest to Leh is Stok-kangri Massif in the Zanskar Mountains, south of Leh. The Nun-Kun in The Great Himalayan Range is an area which is frequented by climbers from all over the world. Easily accessible from the Kargil-Pudum road and the shortest possible approach march to the base camps, and that’s what attracts the climbers to this destination in the Great Himalayas.

Cycling: A vacation in Ladhak without Cycling through the zigzag roads, beautiful local villages, with an interesting backdrop of the snow-laden Himalayas is a loss trip. Many popular gompas also lie on the route of cycling in Ladhak. You can also tickle your taste buds with food items like Momos, noodles with beans, pancakes with jam, dal with rice after a hard day of cycling and experiencing the local scenes and the Himalayan backdrop.

Yak Safari: A Yak Safari brings you closer to the local culture and style in Ladhak.Yak or dong as Ladakhis call it, is the largest animal in cold deserts of the trans-Himalayan Ladhak. Yak safari in Ladhak is a unique experience in it self. It offers breathtaking views of high peaks of this rugged land. The Safari is booking based and organized on prior booking. One should Respect the humble attitude of this majestic animal to enjoy and have a good experience of the Yak Safari.

How to reach there?


Airlines like Indian Airlines and Jet Airways provide world class services to the tourists. Leh, has now become gateway to the world by any connecting flight from Delhi. Aviation services from Chandigarh & Jammu Kashmir to Leh.

Schedules of different Airlines


Sector Frequency Fare
Delhi-Leh-Delhi Monday/Wednesday/Friday Rs.7620
Leh -Jammu-Leh Monday & Friday Rs.4905
Leh-Srinagar-Leh Wednesday Rs.4385


Delhi-LehLeh-Delhi Daily except Saturday Rs.7770Rs.7795


Delhi-LehLeh-Delhi Daily Rs.3999 onwards

Those arriving by air are strongly advised to rest for at least one day after the journey, in order to acclimatize to the high altitude to avoid the altitude sickness when leaving, please carry a printed copy of your ticket with you, otherwise you will not be able to enter the airport.

How to roam around?

Leh is small enough to walk most places, most notable exception being the airport, for which it’s advisable to take a taxi for around 100 to 150 Rupees, although you could even walk there if you really wanted to save the money. However do not count of walking up to the center after landing and with your luggage. First day in this thin air is difficult!

Legal Cautions

You must obtain a visa before traveling to India; without one you will be refused entry. Foreign nationals arriving in India on long term multiple entry visas must register with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Officer within 14 days of arrival. Over-stayers will be fined and may be prosecuted or detained and later deported.

All applicants of Pakistan origin who hold dual nationality must apply for an Indian visa on their Pakistan passport. Those who have either renounced Pakistani nationality or cancelled their Pakistani passport would need to submit documentary proof in this regard.

You must hold a valid passport to enter India. Your passport must have two blank pages for your visa and must be valid for a minimum of 180 days from the date of entry into India.

Drugs are illegal in India. There is a minimum sentence of six months for possession of small amounts deemed for personal consumption only. A 10-year sentence for possession of other amounts applies. The slow judicial process means that lengthy pre-trial detention, usually of several years, is normal.




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