Konark: The temple where stones speak better than words

Konark: The temple where stones speak better than words

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Konark, the famous sun temple is standing proud at Puri, Orissa. Depicting the rich Oriya architecture, the Konark temple was built in 13th century by King Langula Narsimhadeva. The temple is designed sharply having a shape of chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels. The name ‘Konark’ has a meaning: Kona means corner and ark means sun.

This world heritage site since 1984 is famous for the two magnets; these magnets had power to hold king’s thrown mid air. Splendid isn’t it? But sadly, the nature took everything out of it and the temple remains buried till 20th century. The re-establishment process begins during the British rule. The lower part of the temple was best restored as it was well preserved beneath the sand.

Konark Inside View

Konark Carvings

What to see in Konark?

The temple symbolizes the time which is believed to be under sun god’s charge. The seven horses that pulls sun god symbolizes the seven days of the week. The twelve wheels represent 12 month of the year. The temple campus has been a shooting destination of many films which is well decorated with stone carvings of musicians, dancers and some erotic couples in different sex position as depicted in Kamasutra.

You can also visit Konark’s beautiful beaches which is located in a just 3 Km distance. This serene beach looks like a living painting. This is indeed an ecstatic bliss to the traveler.


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