Kerala cops grow organic veggies in cars

The world can be a better place if we try to turn it into one and one such example was set by the Kerala police. The cops turned rusted cars into something useful and people were impressed by this.

The unclaimed vehicles lying in the police compound were used to grow organic vegetables. One of the police officers at Thrissur police station was a farmer who took care of the growing plants and the rest of the people helped in taking care of them.

The cars, scooters, and other motor vehicles that are kept in the police compound are often stolen or were involved in an accident hence most people don’t come to claim them, and hence these lie there wastefully.

The police officers recently shared the pictures of their first harvest and distributed the vegetables to the police canteen. See the pictures.

The vegetables that were grown included ladyfingers, spinach, and long beans. What do you think of this initiative?