Kashmiri dishes you must try!

Kashmir is probably one of the prettiest states in India and its food is also wonderful for your taste buds. Kashmir has mouthwatering delicacies which every food lover must try. The Kashmiri cuisine is rich and fragrant with distinct flavors and is full of spices. Influenced by Mughals, Kashmiri cuisine mostly consists of non-vegetarian dishes. Here is a list of popular must try dishes of Kashmir:

  1. Rogan Josh

    Source: hungryforever

Rogan Josh is a must try dish for the lamb and meat lovers. It is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. This aromatic lamb dish is made with flavors of browned onions, spices (Kashmiri red chili), yogurt and lots of love. The Rogan in the dish stands for fat in which the meat is cooked and josh means hot and passionate. Try it with rice or naan.

  1. Sheer chai

    Source: Quora

Yes, this culinary heaven belongs to Kashmir, It is a tea made with special tea leaves along with pistachios, almonds, and a pinch of baking soda. More than its taste, the light pink color of it is pretty. Not everyone will love this drink but it is a must try drink.

  1. Kashmiri Haakh

    Source: A Mad Tea Party

This dish is made with Kashmiri collard green that is grown in lake water. This green leafy vegetable is full of protein and is made with saag. Not every Kashmiri dish is spicy; this one has mellow tasting gravy.

  1. Yakhni

    Source: Archana’s Kitchen

If you wish to taste the authentic Kashmiri delicacy, then you must try Yakhni. It is juicy lamb pieces marinated in curd gravy mixed with cinnamon, fennel, turmeric, and salt. To enjoy its true flavor eat it with well-cooked rice.

  1. Goshtaba

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This dish is a traditional delicacy of Kashmir and is prepared on royal occasions and has a royal taste and flavor. It is minced mutton cooked in flavorful yogurt gravy and tasty spices. Don’t forget to taste these delicious balls on your trip to Kashmir.

  1. Chaaman (yellow Paneer)

    Source: SpiceRoots

Finally, a delight for the vegetarians, this is a popular dish that is made for special occasions only. The Kashmiri people make this dish from scratch by making fresh paneer, frying it and then mixing and cooking it in turmeric gravy. It tastes amazingly delicious.