Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Golden sand, grand fort, calm winter starlit sky, colorful dresses, heart touching music, lots of entertainment, color, vigor, energy and liveliness brimming out of everyone and everything in the city- welcome to ‘The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer’, come be a part of it and fall in love with the city and its culture.

Fondly known as ‘the golden city of India’, Jaisalmer holds its annual desert festival every year in the month of February.
This festival was initially started with the purpose of attracting explorers, tourists and travelers both local and international who wished to know more about the local culture, traditions and rituals of Rajasthan in a short period of time. Spend three days attending the desert festival and find yourself getting closer and attracted to the richness of Rajasthani culture, people and their lifestyle.
through the various art forms including dance performances, theatre, folk songs the performers try to convey the richness of Rajasthani culture, their the stories that together make the history of the sand city, the battles fought on the land, the battles that were won and those which were lost. Come to the festival with nothing and take back lots of knowledge, happiness, smile and memories back home with you.

There are competitions which are held to engage visitors and tourists- competition like turban tying, the one for longest mustache: indeed bring a smile to your face. The Mr. Desert competition is yet another popular event which is well received by participants and audiences.

Talking about desert and not even a mention of camels? How is that even possible? Camels form a special part of the desert competition with competitions ranging from camel race, polo, camel race, dance and such competitions. The fondness with which people glare at the dancing and running camels is amazing. It is funny to see them getting dressed up, you feel so much close to the culture of the Rajasthani folklore.

There are snake charmers, puppet shows, ballads and a lot more to keep you engaged. The décor, food stalls, game corners. Everything reflects so much life and with the cities getting all urbanized, people have almost forgotten how a fair used to look like or should look. Jaisalmer’s desert festival gives you the complete rustic and traditional feel of coming to a fair.

From the locals to visitors, everyone looks forward to the month of February to be a part of this three day long annual celebration. All through the three days, the rush is pleasing. The city overflows with zest and energy and its like everyone is in the mood to celebrate. The locals are gentle hosts; every outsider is treated as a guest by the locals and given proper treatment and help and a very warm welcome. February is also the right time to visit Jaisalmer keeping the weather of the city in mind. It is just so pleasant to see the forts built with sand stones all decorated and done up so well. The beauty increases many folds during late evenings when under the starlit sky, the boundaries of these forts shine due to the decoration with colorful electric lights.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival- Go be a part of it, to feel it and to live it.