Italy gets back on its feet after 10-week-lockdown

Cafes, salons, and tourist spots have opened their doors to Italians after 2 months of lockdown that had to be imposed due to coronavirus. After a long time, Italians were seen out and about on the streets visiting cafes, restaurants, and salons wearing masks as a precautionary measure. 

The Prime Minister ensured that this was a calculated risk taken by the government as Italy was the first European country to go into a complete lockdown in February. Here is how the people are going back to their normal routine.

Nuns visiting St, Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

A customer being checked for temperature before entering Gucci Store

A Caffe being set up for reopening in St. Mark Square, Venice

Salons were reopened in Milan

Police Officer telling people to practice social distancing in Milan

People wearing face masks in the streets

A bartender wearing a protective mask while serving drinks in Rome