Xochimilco – Island of dolls

Xochimilco – Island of dolls

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To the south of Mexico City is Xochimilco, with a partial view at the belongings of rushed urbanization over the years. At Xochimilco there is a strange small island where most of the trees are decorated with old creepy dolls. The Island is called “Isla de Las Munecas”. Pursuant to a story, once three young girls were playing in the island when one swamped in the sea. Now their are rumors that when you arrive here – you may feel that you’re being continuously observed.

Julian Santana Barrera a guy chose the island to live in the 1950′s, without being affected by that he had wife and children. Julian started collecting dolls, he fished them out of the canal, collected them from trash. There are rumors that natives started bringing old dolls in exchange of fresh vegetables he had grown. Julian Santana Barrera trusted that the dolls gave drowned girl’s spirit happiness, and it defended him from the evil.

But is also a truth that unwittingly or not, Julian Santana Barrera died in the very same canal in which that girl drowned in. Natives say that he used to hear voices coming from the water calling him in.

Island of the Dolls, is definitely one of the world’s strangest tourist allurement. People believe that each doll is believed to carry the energy of the dead girl. Some visitors contend that the dolls rustle and shift, usually they bring gifts to appease the spirit.



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