Is taking a flight during pandemic really that risky?

Now that the operation of flights has resumed, people are wondering how safe it is to travel during this time. While non-essential traveling is still being discouraged, taking proper precautions makes it less risky for you to take a flight during this time. Here are the common concerns people have about traveling through air and the actual truth behind them. 

Air circulation in planes 

People are worried about being infected through the circulation of air in planes. Experts have confirmed that many germs and viruses do not spread through the air being circulated easily as it is filtered. The air inside the plane is clean and is even passed through HEPA filet which is also done in hospitals. 

Cleanliness of cabin hoods 

Many are concerned about keeping their luggage in cabin hoods and how safe it is to do that. With currently effective rules and guidelines, the surfaced inside the aircraft which most people are likely to touch are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly so the chances of contracting an infection are minimal. 

Social distancing inside the aircraft 

The airlines are trying their best to keep the flyers safe. While people should take all the necessary precautions, some times it is just not possible for people to remain at a safer distance. It is just like going to a grocery store as one does not have much control over the person he or she may come in contact with. 

Standing in queues before boarding 

The chances of contracting an infection may increase if you are made to stand in crowded queues for a long time. Make sure that you stay at least 6 feet away from people to minimize exposure to asymptomatic people. 

Here are the facts behind common concerns flyers have. Airlines have been told to follow the safety guidelines and take necessary precautions to ensure there is minimal risk involved while flying.