Is Dumas Beach really dangerous?

Dumas Beach in Gujrat, India is popular for its deep black sand and beautiful sea. Located along the Arabian Sea, near Surat; Dumas Beach was apparently a burial ground for Hindus. It is said that many people were buried here.

Dumas Beach

It is used for burning the dead and the ashes of the bodies is said to have mixed with the sand giving Dumas Beach its black sand! Local people say that souls of the evil spirits roam the beach at midnight. According to the local folklore, the wind also has dead people’s spirits and many people heard the sound of loud laughter and whispers often.

Dumas Beach

During the day Dumas Beach seems much like any other beach with its influx of tourists, sand, sun and sea but as night comes it becomes a different version. During the night the beach takes an eerie vibe as people say that spirits walk down the beach at night. Many people also say that at night the dogs also behave extraordinarily around the beach. They start howling or barking and it is said they can sense the presence of spirits and want to warn people from walking towards the beach.

The local government body has forbidden anyone to roam at Dumas Beach at night because it is said that whoever visits this place at night never comes back. This beach is also one of the most haunted places in India. Like the paranormal? Visit Dumas Beach!