Inspiring Romance through the Ages, Nainital’s Essence screams through history’s pages.

Nothing short of miraculous, Nainital’s aura is perfect for falling in love. The moderate climate with beautiful scenic beauty is the perfect place to spend a little time with the person that you love to discover new wonders and have new adventures. There’s a reason that Nainital is famed as being, “Destination Happiness,” it’s one hill station in India that number on every ones list. The perfect escape from reality, the perfect place to relax and recuperate and the perfect place to fall in love.

Important Information

Currency: Indian Rupees

Climate: Sub-Tropical Highland Climate

Neighboring Cites: The closest airport to Nainital is in Pantnagar, approximately 70kms away. Kathgodam, a mere 35kms away, is the closest railway station.

Climate Conditions and the best time to plan your trip

Between the months of March to June and September to November, the weather is ideal for any type of vacation that you’re planning. During the former months you see the most amount of tourists, especially in March, the catch a glimpse of snow that fell during the winter. During the latter months, the weather is pleasant but during are hoarding through the streets. It’s ideal to come during this time you don’t like crowds and too much of a hustle bustle.

The winter months of December to February face a sudden dip in temperature, bring on the harsh winter climate. June to August are prone to monsoon rain and the climate turns especially humid.

Top Spots to Visit

Nainital is a beautiful hill surrounded by a treasure trove of scenic points and attractions which never fail to enchant the people who visit and always keeps them coming back for more.

Naini Tal Lake  – There are a lot of lakes around Nainital like Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukutchiatal, but none is more popular than the Tal Lake withing Nainital. Covering a parameter of 2 miles, the lake is surrounded with seven lofty hills reflecting in the waters, and, villas and cottages making it look like a land from another place. At night, it looks even more beautiful when the sparkling lights flirt with the water and create a different aura all together. The boat offers yachting, paddling and boating for the visitors

Cost of Boating: Rs.150 for Adults, Rs.100 for Children.

Time Required: One to two hours.

Naina Devi Temple: This is one of the most signification religious places in all the country. Pilgrims come all year to pay their respects to Goddess Parvati, Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha on top of Naina Hillock.

Opening Hours: 06.00am to 10.00pm

Cost of Entry: Free

Time Required: One to two hours

Aerial Rope way (Cable Car) – You should make this trip on a clear day to make the most from the trip. On top on Snow View Point you can spot Nanda Devi, Trisul and Nanda Kot sprawled at your feet. The trip starts from Mallital  and there are only two passenger cars going up and down. Be sure to take your camera along because the trip presents a lot of photo opportunities and a change to take home a wealth of memories. Once you reach your destination there’s a lot to do like go on ride at the Mountain of Magic or get some delicious treats at the many food stalls.

Openings Hours: 10.30am to 5.00pm

Entry Cost: Rs.150 for Adults and Rs.75 for Children

Time Required: One to two hours.

Food Fiesta

Every city and state in India has it’s own food and it’s own flavors depending on what’s locally available, hence, Nainital too has a set of local dishes that can only be truly enjoyed when you’re visiting the lovely hill station.

Raas is a curry prepared by mixing a combination of lentils and is popular during the winter months accompanied with some rice and Bhaang ki Chutney. It’s a semi liquid preparation, and how spicy it is, depends on where you eat. You can ask the cook to adjust the levels of chilli according to your taste buds.

Bhatt ki Churkani is another popular delicacy available in Nainital and it’s commonly prepared during the festive season as a part of the celebrations. It’s made of rice paste and pain flour to go along with any of the curry dishes.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should definitely try to Baal Mathai which a prepared in a way that’s very similar to chocolate fudge. You can find a lot of stalls serving this little treat at the Bada Bazaar, it’s a dish that’s very specific to the locals of Nainital.

Why Nainital is Amazing!

It’s perfect place for honeymooners to go and enjoy themselves. Every moments feels as though you’re walking through the clouds and with so many options of things to do, you’re bound to find something that the both of you love doing together. It’s the complete package of everything that you’d ever want in a vacation spot from scenery to adventure and from cultural hot spots to religious specs.

Nainital Warnings!

Always carry a light jacket with you, even during the summer months, because the wind can pick up at any time and turn the weather chilly. Also, don’t carry too much cash on person because there a lot of ATM’s scattered in the city where you can withdraw money whenever you want. The police are stringent in the city because of the overwhelming amount of tourists that come in every year, so be sure to behave well and not get into any unnecessary trouble.

When it comes to visiting the lake, use the trash bins provided and don’t pollute waters. Swimming is banned in the Nainital Lake because the floor is extremely uneven and previous pollution has made the water bed littered with trash that could prove to harmful.

Planning your Budget

When visiting Nainital, you’ll want to bring a certain amount of cash with you if you plan on boating and taking the cable car up to Snow View Point. Most tourists like to make the excursions more than once if they have the time at their disposal.

Book your accommodation well in advance so that you get the cheapest rates possible, because during peak season, the prices shoot up and rooms available rooms are very hard to find.

Getting around Nainital is a fairly reasonable endeavor because you can do most of it on foot. If you plan on visiting some of the places that are located on the outskirts, then use of the government approved agents to book a taxi to take you around.

Go, fall in love and make memories in the wonderful little hill station of Nainital. Be sure to cozy up with your loved one when the chilly weather rolls in and make the most of the romantic aura around town.