Indian food alphabet: Yummy in your tummy

Indian food alphabet: Yummy in your tummy

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A for Aaloo ki tikki

Aaloo ki tikki is found everywhere in India as a common street food. Some call it chaat also. It is made of boiled potatoes, onions, chana, curd, tamarind sauce, tangy water and spicy garnishing.

B for Biryani

If there is something which can truly be called as food of gods then it is biryani indeed. Rice with uncountable spices will definitely make you day. Biryanis can be of different flavors and aromas like vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, hydrabadi biryani, Kashmiri biryani etc.

C for Chhole Bhatoore

It is a heavy breakfast generally accompanied with lassi. This North Indian dish is in two parts, bread is Bhatoore and chhole is made of chana. It is served with onions, pickle and green chutney.

D for Daal Baati Choorma

Rajasthan’s trademark, Daal Baati Choorma is a much adored dish in India. It consists of baatis, the flaky round breads baked over firewood or over kandas (cow dung cakes) in villages. Baatis can be baked in a gas tandoor or over an electric oven. The dal is cooked with ghee and spices. The duo served with a sweet dessert: Choorma. No Rajasthani festivity is complete without this.

E for Ethakka Appam

The other name of this almost not-so-vocal dish is Pazham Podi. Etthakka appams are sweet and fluffy ripe banana fritters garnished with green cardamom. But remember: these are quite addictive.

F for Farsi Puri

This is the most famous Guajarati dish. Farsi Puri is deep-fried; savory flat breads stuffed with caraway seeds are dished up with a spicy mango pickle and a cup of hot tea which make for a great snack.

G for Gajar ka Halwa

One of the most well-liked Indian desserts, the Gajar ka halwa is known to have originated in Punjab; it is a pleasure during the winter. Grated carrots, sugar, milk and nuts are stirred and cooked together.

H for Hara Bhara Kebab

Hara Bhara Kebab is made with the spinach. Bound together by mashed chana dal, green peas and paneer and seasoned with available spice powders and other ingredients such as ginger and green chilies, this spinach based kebab has the power to captivate one and all.

I for Imarti

Imarti is the ideal festive sweet all over India, especially in the north. The outstanding orange color and the beautiful floral pattern make this sweet stand out from the rest sweets. Imartis are made of saffron tinged urad dal mix, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup.

J for Jamun Raita

Indian food is incomplete without any side dish. Jamun raita is a delectable side to be taken along with main course. Besides from its taste, it has great digestion capabilities. Plus, it is easy to made, it can be prepared within 5 minutes.

K for Kesar Lassi

Using pistachio nuts, here come the most famous after meal drink  . . .  cool and soothing lassi. This lassi combines the goodness of dry fruit and curds along with royalty of saffron.

L for Lemon Bhel

If you want a sweet, sour and tangy evening snack, then lemon bhel is the best available option in India. It makes your tongue and tummy feels equally good.

M for Methi Mutter Malai

Methi Mutter Malai . . . the three ‘M’ is the most loved Indian curry after paneer butter masala. It goes well with Paratha at lunch dinner or even brunch.

N for Nippattu

Crunchy and crispy deep fried discs made of a mix of different types of flours, coconut, sesame seeds and a unique blend of Indian spices. It is a perfect tea-time snack.

O for Onion fried rice

Onion fried rice is the simplest of simple fried rice dish which has ability to make everyone lick their fingers. It is simply made of haldi, jeera, raai and onions. Served hot along with garnishing of coriander leaves, it can be taken in lunch, dinner or breakfast.

P for Paneer butter masala

The king of all the Indian dishes id paneer butter masala. You can find it in EVERY Indian restaurant or hotel. . . . From small to medium to 5 star. This is an important main course dish loved by Indians.

Q for Quinoa Halwa

A dazzling novelty in the world of Indian food, the quinoa halwa is full of dry fruits. But all you have to do is keep aside that calorie thing before having this delicious dish. Ek baar chalta h yaar . . .

R for Rajma Rice

The rajma is normally eaten during winters. It has high nutritional value. It is best served with steamed basmati rice and can also be taken with chapattis and phulkas.

S for Stuffed Tomatoes

Whenever you want to feel special or want to go for some stuffed vegetable, give a try to stuffed tomatoes. It is spicy and nutritious at the same time as it has a variety of vegetables. The preparation can be baked or pan fried.

T for Tandoori Chicken

Prepared in a clay oven called tandoor, tandoori chicken is originated in Indian sub-continent. It has its roots from Mughal Era itself. This mouth watering dish has deep depths of yogurt, spices and is a great low fat starter.

U for Upma

Upma is a great breakfast dish in India. Originated in southern India, upma is a morning welcome dish in every house. It is made of suji and vegetable. Easy to made and makes your tummy happy for the whole day.

V for Vegetable Kadhi

Simple Kadhi morphs into a delicious dish if you mix vegetables into it. By stirring curd well in advance avoids it from separation from the dish. It is served hot with garnishing of coriander leaves with piping hot rice.

W for Walnut Sheera

The ghee soaked sheera or halwa made of thickly chopped walnuts nourishes your heart, soul and tongue with its soothing lusciousness.

X for Xacuti

Xacuti is a complex, peppery curry of Goan-Portuguese origin and is usually made with chicken or lamb. A vegetarian version of Xacuti is served with naan or tandoori roti. It is also nicknamed as chacuti.

Y for Yam fritters

A classic Konkani snack, these semolina-crusted Yam fritters are made of Indian yam. Spiced with asafetida and chili powder, these crispy fritters make the yummy whenever-you-feel-hungry-snack.

Z for Zafrani Kheer

Any Indian dish is incomplete without a bowl of delicious sweet Kheer. Flavored with cardamom and full with dried fruits, the thing which makes it even better is a sprinkle of saffron or zafran. The aroma and color of the zafran, takes the Kheer to an entire new level.


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