How to sanitize your hotel room

Travelers around the world are looking forward and waiting for the travel ban to lift so that they can resume exploring the world. After everything returns to normal, we should not overlook the fact that there are many surfaces and objects in a hotel/ motel or hostel room that are infested with germs and viruses and can stay for days. It is best to take precautions from your end. 

Here is how you can sanitize your hotel room even after the travel ban lifts. 

Carry wipes 

You are likely to touch many surfaces so its best if you clean them soon after checking in your room. Carry wipes with you and wipe off the surfaces of switches, tables, handles, etc. 

Purchase a disinfectant spray

If you are not carrying a disinfectant along then you can easily purchase one from a general store near your hotel. You can use it to wipe off the surfaces you are most likely to touch throughout the day. 

Avoid using bedspreads and covers

Most hotels are not in habit of washing the covers and bedspread after every guest and you don’t want to take any risk, especially during this time. You can also carry your own blanket if possible. 

Disinfect your bathroom 

You are most likely to find germs in your hotel bathroom and just for precautionary reasons, wipe off the surfaces in your bathroom after you are done using it or if someone is staying with you. 

Avoid using glassware in the room 

Avoid using the cups and glasses placed in your room as you can’t be sure if they have been just rinsed. Prefer using your travel mug or your own bottle.  Wipe it off carefully if you have no other option.

Here are some tips that can help you take care of your hygiene while staying in hotel rooms. If you are not satisfied with the hygiene practices of your hotel then you can always ask them to clean up your room or ask for change.