How to safely visit a grocery store during peak pandemic

Many states in India have announced a lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. This is the time to be extra cautious and takes all the precautionary measures seriously.

Trips to grocery stores can not be avoided and you have to get essential food items stocked up in the house. While going out, you can keep a few things in mind while you head out to the grocery store.

These places are frequented by many people and you may come in contact with an infected person. Read below to know how you can be safe.

  • Make sure to wear a DOUBLE mask while inside the store. Even if no one is around, keep the mask above your nose as many people pass each other by.
  • Do not wear gloves as a lot of people do not dispose of them the right way and it can cause cross-contamination. Instead, use sanitizers to keep your hands clean.
  • Make up a list of all the things you need so that you don’t have to go there frequently. If the shops around you are considerably crowded, order the basic things online and cut your trip short.
  • If possible, go alone without any family members and if you need help with carrying things, take only one family member along.
  • Avoid touching surfaces, shelves, and handles.
  • After coming back, you don’t have to sanitize fruits and vegetables. Soak them and items with outer packaging can be wiped clean.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when headed to the grocery store. Make sure to be as safe as possible as crowded spaces have a high chance of spreading infections.