How airlines are helping flyers amidst Corona Virus panic

The Corona Virus outbreak has caused many flyers to reschedule their flights and even cancel their tickets. The aviation industry is taking the hit and while the losses are huge, necessary precautions have to be taken by everyone.

To ease the situation and address the concerns of people, many airlines have officially shared the news on social media platforms about revised fares, change in cancellation policies and have waived off the rescheduling charge which is usually added to the rescheduled tickets.

Some airlines have also shared how they are taking proper care of hygiene and the measures being taken to keep the planes as clean as possible.

Here are the tweets shared by various Indian Airlines informing people about the change in policies.

International Airlines have also kept people updated and how they can reschedule or cancel their tickets.

Cathay Pacific shared a video mentioning the safety measures being taken and how the aircraft is being disinfected.

Virgin Airlines also assured their flyers.

Turkish Airlines shared a video demonstrating how they clean their aircraft.