How ‘Air bubbles’ will help International travel

The aviation sector is slowly getting back on its feet as the lockdown restrictions have eased over the past few weeks. People are only traveling for absolutely necessary reasons as the pandemic is still far from over and frequent traveling can increase the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

Amidst the resumed operations, India is working towards establishing ‘air bubbles’ with the US and France that will help Indians travel to International destinations. Here is what you should know.

What is the air bubble?

It is basically an agreement between two countries that allow its citizens to travel from one country to another, presuming that traveling is safe for people. It helps citizens travel easily, just as they do normally but in this case, only to the countries in which the air bubble is established.

India and its air bubbles

Currently, India has its air bubbles with the US and France and may form more with other countries as the situation starts to improve. the flights are operational from the cities in India Like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The operations of flights from Germany and the UK may resume soon.

There are many factors that decide whether or not you can still travel to your home country, The quarantine periods, tests, documents, and other formalities should be considered before deciding to travel. In many countries, people with special requests and emergencies are being allowed to travel.