Honeymoon in Bali

Really think you could relax once you’re through with making all the arrangements for your wedding? Well, not so soon! Planning your honeymoon is as much a task as planning a wedding is. A lot of effort goes in deciding the destination; you have to choose in a way that your better half’s choice is also taken care of.  Honeymoon is after all your first and most important vacation together post wedding, it ought to be special and memorable. Bali has some exotic backdrop to add to your love filled honeymoon pictures. An Indonesian province, this island has been blessed with scenic beauty and serenity.

Spend time with your love appreciating the beauty of nature, sit along the beach glaring at the sun set and experience the eternal peace and happiness the view fills you with. Away from the regular rush of life, this place has the magic to calm down your internal processes have get back your mental equilibrium, soothe your soul and make you see and enjoy the little joys of life. When here, let Bali cast its spell on you.

Places to visit – Bali is fondly called ‘the island of gods’, you would find a temple in almost every corner of this province. It has mountains, plains, white sand beaches, lush green valley and luring water, everything to bring you both close to nature and to your inner selves.   If you’re keen to know the local culture of Bali and you want to enjoy the various tourist sights here, the Ubud Tour is a must, you get to study the local customs and traditions of people here, placed covered will be Tegalalan Rice Terrace, it is amazing to see rice terrace, Ubud Monkey forest, as the name suggests this tropical forest has monkeys, according to the local belief these monkeys protect the forest and its inside. The small Hindu temple inside this forest is also popularly visited by the tourists. The Ubud painting museum has in display some brilliant pieces of artwork, if you love architecture Puri saren will leave you smiling, this is the king’s palace and the governance center of the province.  For all you art lover, Ubud art market would be a store house of surprises; you could shop for memoirs to take home in the memory of this beautiful place. The Batuan Temple is also one of the most visited sights here, maintained by the locals, Batuan is otherwise a Hindu temple and   the most attracting part about its architecture is that the shrine is made up of fiber of chromatic black palm tree.

You could take a Denpasar city tour, it would only take some 4 to 5 hours and will cover 4-5 places, Jagatnata temple is the biggest Hindu temple and is widely visited by Hindus’ and is known for their belief,  The Bali museum has in store souvenirs from the past proudly telling stories of the past of the nation.  Bajra Sandhi Monument stands high proudly in the middle of the town; this monument witnessed the independence struggle that the people of Bali had to face.  The traditional market here, would be a delight if you have patience and time to scroll around and observe.
Apart from these there are many other tours offered- Uluwatu tour, Besakh temple tour, Bedugul tour, Batukaru temple tour, Tanah lot sunset tour. Most of these are short tours and cover most local tourist sights.
The beaches have adventure sports for you to take part in with your love and make your honeymoon all the more thrilling and memorable.
Bali doesn’t have a railway connection but is well connected to the world through airways, Bali falls in the tropical zone and it is most sunny and hot with long days, best time to visit would be between May to July.  However if you’re a surfer, you might want to visit the place between May to October, during this time the west coast of the peninsula enjoys the best waves.
Food- Due to the cultural diversity and strong presence of Indian culture here, you’d easily find Indian and Chinese food, it is however suggested that you hog on the local food here and learn a few recipes to cherish the memories of your honeymoon.

Make the best of your honeymoon, spend some amazing quality time, appreciate life and little moments and take back home lovely memories.