Hilarious facts about Japan’s famous Mount Fuji

While most of you are going to cancel the trip to Mount Fuji this year as there is always a next year. This beautiful chocolate cake like mountain with white cream like top of volcanic dust is famous all across the world for its volcanic activities. I know this will not inspire you much to leave your couch and travel, so here are some stunning facts about this lovely mountain:

Mount Fuji View
Mount Fuji View
  • The first person to climb Fuji was an anonymous monk whose brave act was done in 663. However, for around 1200 plus years women were forbidden to climb the same. They were allowed to climb the sacred mountain during the Meiji Era.
  • Fuji is an active volcano, though the last eruption took place during 1707-08.
  • Mount Fuji is exactly placed where Eurasian plate meets Philippine plates, i.e, be ready to get shaken as earthquakes are normal here.
  • Aokigahara, the forest at the base of Fuji is the 2nd most popular suicide location followed by golden gate bridge in San Francisco
  • Beware of bears . . . Yes, you can often spot bears in Yoshida route.
  • This mountain has actually three separate active volcanoes: The bottom layer is Komitake, middle one is Kofuji and the youngest one is Fuji.
  • This mountain is symmetrically shaped which is magical for a mountain and super magical for a volcanic mountain.
  • There are few mesmerizing lakes present around Mount Fuji.
  • Mount Fuji’s crater has 8 peaks and the highest point of Fuji is Japanese highest point too.
  • Japanese believe that this mountain is a good luck bringer. Therefore, there is over 200,000 people climb this mountain each year out of which 70% are Japanese. They keep the picture or painting of Fuji in their homes and wish for good luck. However, the picture with volcanic activity is considered unfortunate.
  • Mount Fuji is in fact a PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY. Yes, the uppermost part belongs to Fujison Hongu Sengentaisha Shrine since 1609 till forever