Hidden Gems around Nizamuddin Basti

Nizamuddin Basti is popularly visited by many people and everyone loves to relish the delicious biryani, kebabs, rolls, and many other delicacies that offer taste and experience better than any fancy restaurant. 

Many food enthusiasts visit this area for food walks and others just to make their taste buds happy. 

Here are some of the places, gems rather, around Nizamuddin Basti that you definitely should not miss if you ever happen to visit this place. 

Kit Care Kebab Corner 

This is a stand-alone joint and is almost always crowded, blame the amazing kebabs served here. The star dish of this place is butter chicken. The gravy of this dish is what intrigues people as it is largely made of butter and yogurt. The tangy and buttery chicken is worth the trip to this joint. 

Ghalib Kebab Corner

This place has been awarded for serving ‘best kebab’ at a kebab festival which was organized by the Maurya Sheraton. You will find the best Shaami kebabs, Mutton Tikka and Chicken Tikka here. All these dishes are cooked to perfection and will be very well within your budget. 


The 700-year-old recipes of kebabs and haleem have got people hooked. This place is run by 11 women chefs and they even have great options for your vegetarian friends. The vegetarian recommendations are soya kebabs, Hara Bhara Kebabs, and Veg Biryani. 


After being done with savory snacks, if you are in the mood of something sweet, head to Nasir for a delicious serving of Kheer. It is served in earthen pots. You can also find great Mughlai and North Indian dishes as well. 


 Fan of Karim’s? This is the first branch of this now-famous food chain. It is mostly famous for its non-vegetarian delicacies like Nayab Mughz Masala, Gurda Kaleji, Akbari Murg Masala amongst others.