Going on a trip? Avoid these places to stay safe from COVID-19

It has been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and people have resumed living their lives after spending so many months under lockdown. Now that most countries have established air bubbles, people have started to travel again.

Staying safe and taking necessary precautions in mind is just as important still, as it was a year ago. If you are planning to take a trip with your family and friends, it is best to keep your safety in mind and take care of a few things.

Though you can explore many places without coming in contact with people, here are some places you should avoid till the time pandemic is over. Take a look at the list below.

Famous beaches

If you have made bookings during the peak season, it is best not to indulge in popular tourist activities, instead, go to the beaches that are often unexplored. You may find a large crowd gathered around famous beaches which puts you at risk of contracting the virus.

Religious places

Many people head to temples and religious places and you may come in close vicinity. It is best to offer your prayers from a safe distance.

Public transport

If you have the option of going to certain places on foot, do that instead of taking public transport in new cities. This will not only protect you but also keeps you from putting others at risk.

Popular restaurants

If you wish to explore the local cuisine, pick the restaurants which are comparatively less crowded and follow the safety instructions. You can also get popular food items from famous restaurants packed and enjoy them in your hotel room.

These are some places you should avoid visiting during the pandemic. avoid crowded spaces and if you really wish to visit some recommended spots then choose to go during the odd hours.