Exploring the Streets of Sarlat-la-Canéda

Sarlat is one of the most attractive towns which are ignored by people who rely completely upon Google and type best destination. Sarlat is in the Perigord Noir region in the South West of France.

Sarlat is a beautiful, well reinstated town a few kilometers north of the River Dordogne. This gorgeous old town, from both medieval and renaissance times is a pleasure to visit, especially during the spring and autumn. The yellow sandstone building looks best if you see them with the very first rays of sun.

Before planning your walk around Sarlat by self, visit the local tourist office which can provide a suggested walking tour and let you know the key attractions. The office is situated near the cathedral.

Exploring Sarlat

The old town has mazes of narrow streets, where you’ll find the cathedral in the south-east of Sarlat, with the attractive Place de Payrou and Hotel de la Boétie. While, lovely Place de la Liberté and the wonderful winding street of the Rue des Consuls is in the North east.

In the beginning the cathedral was the church of Sarlat Abbey. Over the centuries it has been altered and is now a blend of Roman, Gothic and other styles. The jardin des Enfeus, located just above the cathedral is the ancient abbey burial ground and there are several sarcophagus and Enfeus (tombs on the church wall).

Above the cathedral and the Jardin des Enfeus is an atypical structure which is called as La Lanterne des morts (lantern of the dead). This bullet shaped building has played various roles over the time which includes a funeral chapel.

Vintage gas lamps throw a golden glow on the medieval streets of Sarlat-la-Canéda after sunset, creating a historical aesthetic. The food market bursts into feat every morning by 8.30 am on de la Liberté’s northern end. The town has preserved some of the best medieval architecture, and thus, is favorite location of film directors.

Every year, at the beginning of March, the biggest goose festival namely, Fest’Oie held in this ancient town. Here you can taste the best and tempting food from different stalls . . . Chef’s show their talent on medieval streets and traditional music bands amplify the ambience.