Explore these underground cities in Turkey!

Underground cities are fascinating but also carry great historical importance with them. People no only lived in these spaces but also heavily relied on them as their escape plan.

History of underground cities

Turkey is home to many underground cities and they are carved out of soft volcanic stones. Some of the famous underground cities are in the South of Nevşehir at Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu, which was constructed during the Byzantine era. It was built by the inhabitants to protect themselves from Muslim Arabs during the time of Arab-Byzantine Wars.

Now centuries later, some of these underground cities are open for tourists to visit. Cappadocia underground cities are quickly becoming a prominent spot for fascinated travelers. These places not only had proper rooms but also had an arrangement for wine presses, oil storage and cooking places which made it comfortable for villagers to spend as much time as they had to and then return to their normal lives when they felt safe.

Tour of underground cities

Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu have a lighted path that you can follow through once you enter and if you opt for a self-guided tour, you can expect it to last for about 15-30 mins.

Since the cities are underground, you can expect it to be a little cold but not to the point it makes you shiver. Also know that you should be careful not to enter the blocked areas.

You can opt for a half-day and full-day guided tour in Cappacodia that will include a trip to these underground cities. You can also take some time out to explore the villages nearby.