Easy South Indian dishes to try at home

South Indian cuisine is popular amongst Indians as everyone loves to relish the savoury and flavorful delights of the South. The dishes not only can be made quickly but are also light and wholesome. With lockdown being imposed, most of your favorite South Indian joints may be closed so if you are craving some of your favorite dishes, this is the best time to try your hands at some of the lip-smacking ones. Here are some of the basic ones that you must try at home. 

Masala Dosa 

Starting with the most basic one, Masala Dosa is easy to make at home and is made using rice, lentils, potato, and curry leaves; all the ingredients readily available at home. Here is how you can make it. 

Bisi Bele Bhaat

Very similar to khichdi, Bisi Bele Bhaat is made using rice, lentil, coconut, and vegetables. It is one of the traditional recipes of Karnataka. This is how you can make it at home. 

Korri Gassi

Also known as chicken curry, this Mangalorean delight is made using freshly grated coconut and spices. Here is the recipe. 


If you are craving something tangy then this tamarind based dish made with steamed rice topped with crunchy peanuts is a must-try. Here is a simple recipe to get you started. 

Bendakaya Pulusu

Give ladyfinger a South Indian twist, Bendakaya Pulusu is cooked with mustard seeds and soaked in tamarind sauce to make it spicy and tangy. Here is how you can make it at home. 

Here are some easy to make South Indian dishes that you can try at home, apart from the popular staples like idli, sambhar, and dosa. These authentic recipes will help you master these dishes.