Easy Bengali sweets to make at home

The rich Bengali culture is a paradise for foodies as they have some of the most delectable desserts to offer. Whenever people hear of Bengali sweets, they imagine relishing Rasgulla, Sandesh, and mishti doi but there are many lesser-known Bengali delights that are just as delicious.

Many Bengali sweets are made using milk and are cooked in different ways which give each sweet its own distinct taste. You might think that only the expert cooks would know how to make those delicious dessert but that’s not true. There are many Bengali sweets that you can easily make at home and even make it for your family members on special occasions.

Here are some easy-to-make Bengali sweets that you must try making at home. Check out the recipes.

Kesar Pista Sandesh

Bengali Bhapa Doi

Kesari Rajbhog

Chena Murki

Chum Chum


Malai Sandwich/ chop

Which Bengali sweet do you miss eating the most?