Eagle Beach, Aruba

Situated nearby Oranjested, the capital of Aruba, Eagle beach would seem like an escape to you from the high rise buildings and over crowded atmosphere of the city. This place would look spacious, less crowded and open to you. The sugary white sand and the turquoise colored water relaxes your sense which otherwise are almost never at rest. You could take an off from work and be here, doing nothing but just praising nature, swimming in the water, looking at the sun rise and sunset and pampering yourself.

If you come across men and women walking nude around the shore, do not feel offended or surprised. The Eagle Beach along with Baby Beach in the city, allow nudity. There is nothing obscene about it in fact it just shows how ahead in time and modern these places are in their approach.

If you go out looking for options for water sports, you may be disappointed a little. There are limited options available, but this beach is more about being by yourself and your loved one, doing nothing but just relaxing and getting away from the stress work or other things have caused you. You can simply lie down with your eyes closed and hear the sound of waves rising and falling and alternatively hitting the shore and that would make your inner self happy and at peace.

Try renting a chair, and spending the day under the sun admiring nature and surfers and the beauty of this place, the magic is even when you’re not making actual efforts to find happiness, little things here would bring a smile to your face because you’d be happy in the inside.

There are a lot of resorts nearby, you could book your accommodation in a nearby hotel, somewhere so close that you could walk over to the beach as and when you feel like. There are eating options available, so food should not bother you. There are some casinos nearby, so you could have fun trying your hands at gambling or playing a bluff.

There is a lot of space for everyone to bask in the sun, you could rent a chair, or just lay down on the sand, so when the wind is blowing and sand gets over you, which is pretty much a feeling. Also renting a floating bed would also be a good idea. The early morning sunrise or the sunset at dusk, will get you all philosophical and get you prospects to think about but also leave you admiring nature and you would feel a new hope instilled in you. Post holidaying here, you would feel all charged but up to deal with life once again with vigor and zeal.

While here, go for a walk, find turtles crossing your way or just lying by the beach relaxing. You could simply lie down and get a tan and flaunt it back home or cover the length of the beach in a cruise. If you feel adventurous enough, you could rent a jet ski and discover the water on your own.

The Eagle Beach is no doubt counted among the top 25 beaches of the world.