Do you know Olympians follow these weird rules?

The Olympics are on and though we all know of the new rules that are in place this year, have you ever wondered what else participants have to take care of?

Of course, the rules of the sports have to be followed but there are some that are specific to the Olympics and have to be adhered to while competing, Here are some rules that have to be followed.

  1. The players in boxing competetion are required to be clean shaved.
  2. Gymnasts are not allowed to wear bright nail polishes. Neutral colors are allowed.
  3. Any form of protest or support for a movement can not be expressed by the Olympic athletes. This is a recently introduced rule.
  4. Athletes can be endorsed, they are just not allowed to be vocal about it or promote it in anyway.
  5. For men’s skating, they are required to wear trousers, it is a definite rule.
  6. The backstage or field pictures should not be posted by the athletes.
  7. The riders of BMX are required to tuck their shirts in.
  8. Figure skaters are not allowed to do any backflips.
  9. If an athlete makes a swimming record, it has to be faxed to be actually recorded.
  10. There is a limit to how much swimmers can grease themselves.
  11. The archers only get 40 seconds between their shots.

Which rule did you find the weirdest?