Dining out is more dangerous than traveling during the pandemic

The travel restrictions have been lifted and many people have resumed traveling. Apart from this, many economic activities resumed a few months ago but people are just as scared as they were during the lockdown.

Many people are scared of going to the airports as they fear they might contract the virus but did you know that dining out and going out to the grocery shop is riskier that taking a flight?

A research study shows that the protection and safety measures taken at the airport have made it possible for the flyers to travel with minimum chances of contracting coronavirus. The study was conducted by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and so far, no case of COVID-19 transmission has been confirmed on a U.S flight.

Efficient filtration system of airplanes

The airplanes are cleaned thoroughly before and after the flight and sanitization protocols have been put in place. “the most crucial part of a comprehensive set of measures to avoid transmission during air travel.” said the study. The HEPA filters installed in airplanes also makes it safer for the passengers to travel.

Importance of wearing a mask

It has been concluded that practicing social distancing and wearing a mask reduces the chances of contracting coronavirus and people take off their masks while eatin out which can increase the risk.

The same isn’t the case while taking flights as wearing a mask is mandatory and part of the safety protocol.

Make sure to take precautions while heading out and though it is relatively safer, travel only if necessary.