Different pasta shapes around the world

Pasta pasta pasta! We all love pasta, don’t we? This delicious creamy dish is an absolute treat and it comes in various shapes and variations. It is estimated that there are approximately 350 different types of pasta. Pasta shapes are specifically designed to hold the sauce in the best way possible. There is a different crazy world of pasta shapes. Beyond spaghetti or the comforting and familiar ravioli, a whole other realm of pasta shapes exists in the world. So here is a list of some different pasta shapes around the world: 

  • Agnolotti

They are formed into rectangles like ravioli or into half-moon shapes. 

  • Bucatini

Like spaghetti, bucatini pasta is long and thin. 

  • Calamarata

It is a thick, ringed pasta that looks like rings of calamari, that is why it is the name. 

  • Cannelloni

This one is cylindrical pasta, cannelloni is a filled noodle that is baked and covered in sauce. 

  • Spaghetti

They are noodle shaped pasta. 

  • Penne 

These are tube-shaped pasta cut out at the edge. 

  • Cavatelli 

Cavatelli is shaped like small hot dog buns. 

  • Conchiglie 

Conchiglie is shell-shaped. 

  • Ditalini

They are like straws 

  • Farfalle

They resemble the shape of a bowtie.

  • Fusilli

It is twisting spaghetti

  • Manicotti

Manicotti are short, large pasta tubes

  • Mafaldine

This is a curly pasta. They are long, flat noodles that have ruffled edges that look similar to curly hair. 

  • Campanelle

Campanelle means “little flower” or “bellflower” in Italian. This pasta is shaped almost like a horn with ruffled edges.

  • Garganelli

Flat sheets of pasta are rolled into a cylinder shape and pressed with ridges to make garganelli.

  • Lumache

They are shell-shaped pasta. 

Well, these were just some few, there are many more,