Different coffees to try at home if you are missing cafes

Everyone loved their coffee runs before work and just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your caffeine fix of the day. Frappuccinos, mocha iced lattes, and other types of coffee may have complicated names but are very easy to make.

If you are missing the fancy whipped up coffees but do not want to step out of your house during this time, you can definitely learn to make the cafe specials at home. You can use instant coffee as well as espresso shots if you have an espresso machine at home. 

Here are the ones that you can try. 

Vanilla Iced Latte 

This is a go-to drink for many people during the summers and it takes only a few minutes to make. Here is how you can make a chilled vanilla iced latte at home. 

Iced Mocha

This one is for all the chocolate lovers who love the flavor of chocolate in their coffees. Iced mocha can be made using instant coffee as well as freshly brewed one, whichever is available. Here is how you can make it.


The most basic cup of coffee is also very convenient to make at home. You don’t need fancy equipment to treat yourself to a frothy and yummy cappuccino. Here is the recipe.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

It is a popular coffee and people who like their coffee sweet love Vietnamese style iced coffee. This one is super easy to make as well. Check out the recipe.

Java-Chip Frappuccino

Java-Chip Frap is favorite amongst many Starbucks lovers and you definitely don’t have to go all the way there, every time you are craving this. Here is an easy recipe for you to relish this Frappuccino at home.

Here are some easy cafe style coffees that you can make at home. They will not only save you a trip to the cafes but will also help you save a few bucks. Which recipe are you going to try?