COVID-19 second wave: Revision of travel restrictions

Travel restrictions were lifted a while ago as the economy was suffering. The rules and travel advisory were strictly followed and people soon started traveling keeping the precautions in mind. 

Along with travel, many other restrictions were lifted and that led to an increase in coronavirus cases and now the travel restrictions are back again. Recently, many rules have been revised and there are certain limitations that travelers will experience in the coming months. 

Here are some travel rules and restrictions that are now effective: 

  • Passengers coming from UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait will have to quarantine for 14 days after the arrival. 
  • Flights taking off from Europe, United Kingdom, and Turkey have been halted from 18th March. 
  • These restrictions are temporary and will be in effect till 31st March. 
  • Certain parts of states in India are under lockdown as they have been marked as containment zones.

These restrictions hare applicable on travlleing in India. Apart from that, each country has its own rules so if you are travelling to another country then make sure to have alook at the restrictions. 

If possible, try to postpone your trip till the time number of cases comes in control. India is running a vaccine drive and many people have come forward to get their first dose. Till then, take all the safety precautions, wear your mask and avoid going to crowded places as the pandemic is still not over.