Fall Away in the Romantic Embrace of Coorg!

The coffee cup of India, the Indian Scotland and many others names are given to this magical town, or should I say district? Coorg, better known as Kodagu and Madekeri, and two portions of the former district as it was during the British Raj.

Coorg is home to some of the best coffee plantations in the world. On the other hand, it’s also very well known of it’s distinguished martial history. The locals are known as the Kodavas, who pride themselves in being descendants of Alexander the Great, are pure non-vegetarians! Over time, the influence of Coorg has brought the meat to be cooked in coconut and curry leaves. The Kodavas taste in food and liquor is absolutely legendary, which is why is essential that you try non-vegetarian South Indian style at least once in your life!

Important Information

Currency: Indian Rupees

Climate: Sub-Tropical Highland Climate

Neighboring Cities: Mysore, 120kms away, is the closest town to Coorg with an airport. The next closest is Mangalore, 135kms away and Bangalore, 250kms away.

Climate conditions and the best time to plan your trip

Coorg is a wonderful to visit, no matter what time of the year you choose. The best time for your trip is whatever time suits you best. July to September is normally adorned with heavy showers and sees the least amount of tourists, but it’s also the least expensive time of year. If you’re not easily put off by a bit of water, the monsoons are the most romantic time of the year to stop by. The slight chill in the air is perfect for a cozy embrace and walking through the rain under one umbrella, is a truly unique experience. The mist and fog all around form a romantic cover over the area, like something out of a cheesy bollywood song.

Summer is the peak season for tourists to visit as most of the children have vacations during that that time, which is why if you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to come some other time. July to September is best to experience the lush waterfalls, September to March for the best weather, and April to May to lose yourself in the aroma of coffee blossoms.

Top Spots to Visit

The best way to explore Coorg isn’t through using a tour guide or signing up through a package, the best way is to do it yourself. It’s ideal spot for couples and newly weds, which makes minimal intrusion an even better option.

  1. Madikeri – This little town is the capital of Coorg. It enchants thousands of tourists each each with its aura of misty hills, lush, green forest, and coffee plantations. The climate on it’s own is wonderful, but what you might not know, is that Madiker is a world record holder for the most amount of cardamom crop. Within the city, there are a lot of little wonders worth exploring like the various plantations, the rive Cauvery, a few monuments among other treasures.

Also known as the Kashmir of South India, the scenic beauty of Madikeri is blessed with being pollution free.

  1. Abbi Falls Adjacent to Madikeri, Abbi Falls is just 7kms from the town and one of the most magnificent waterfalls among the many in the area. A narrow road winding road goes up to the waterfall, so if you’re driving yourself, be sure to be careful. The drive itself is beautiful slipping through the forests surrounding the falls.

The many streams in the mountains above congregate, explode with the monsoon rains and sweep down the mountain slope. The pressure of water is very high and splashes quite forcefully against the huge boulders and the stream below.

A hanging bridge right opposite the waterfall is a perfect place to click photos and make a memory, but pay heed to warning signs that are posted near the bridge. A lot of people have lost their lives by trying to get too close to waterfall and most people do behave properly, but there are still a few who disrespect the place with their daredevil attitude.

◦     Opening Hours: 7.00am to 6.00pm, all days of the week.

◦     Entry Cost: Rs.10 for children and Rs.20 for adults.

◦     Location: Mediker, Coorg, Karnataka, India

◦     Time Required: Around 2 hours.

  1. Cauvery Nisargadhama – This is one of most romantic locations in all of Coorg. The large island in the middle of the Cauvery river is a absolutely perfect for cuddling up in the night. The 64 acres of nature resort surrounded on all side by water, include a deer park, orchidarium, elephant rides and boating. For your stay, there are around 10-15 cottages and 5 tree top bamboo cottage, all run by the government.

Food Fiesta

Coorg is a wonderful place for non vegetarians as well as for vegetarians, but non vegetarians have an opportunity to eat meat like they’ve tasted it before. The food here is cooked in a lot of coconut, spices and curry leaves. The must haves are Pandi Curry, Kadabu, Atti Payasa and Baimbale.

Why Coorg is Amazing!

A trip to Coorg will stay in your heart forever. It’s impossible to leave such paradise behind. The beautiful views and mountain ranges along with the brave martial race of the Kodavas, makes Coorg a place with distinct cultural values.

You can trek, you can golf, or you can even get a massage. Everything that you want in a vacation can be found in this little safe haven. It’s dreamland of a philosopher, an all rounded tourist spot catering to your every need while still maintaining it’s own identity.

Coorg Warnings

If you’re traveling by car, make sure you have enough fuel and are carrying a tool-kit. On the way to Coorg, petrol bunk and vehicle workshops are scarce, so you’ll want to be prepared.

Always carry rain gear, even if it’s not the monsoon, because rains in Coorg tend to be pretty unpredictable. Also, book your rooms well in advance because since Coorg is a popular destination all year round, it’s hard to find a place to stay at the last minute.

Coorg is fairly isolated so make sure you reach your destination before sunset because not only it is hard to see the roads at night, but the wildlife activity makes it dangerous.

Planning your Budget

The majority of the accommodation options in Coorg are reasonably priced and offer you more than just the basic amenities. If needed Coorg also has luxurious Hotels, but most people prefer the eco-friendly resorts and home stay options.

Entry into most of the monuments and religious centers is either free or at a very low cost. Most of Coorg can be explored on foot, but some of the harder to reach destinations can be easily covered by hiring a cab service to drive your around. Most of these places have fixed rates, but you can try haggling just a little to marginally decrease the price.

In terms of shopping, Coorg isn’t too fancy but since it’s home to so many plantations, the “sandy” market, which happens every Friday, is a prefect space to pick up some fresh spices and coffee. Being home to the Kodavas, there are also some costumes and weapons that you can buy, but they’re a little more expensive so be sure to check your item properly before paying for it.