Chestermen Beach

Away from the hustle bustle of busy urban settlement, when in Canada, you can head towards Tofino, a small province in the British Columbian district of the country.  This place will calm down the rush of your senses and soothe your constantly moving mind. With the population of a little over 1500, this place seems to be untouched by the ill effects of urbanization. The best part about being here is, you would be able to breathe in the clean environment of this place and also that you’d find yourself a step closer to nature.
One of the main attractions of Tofino is the Chesterman Beach.  Tourists when in town, try not to miss their visit to this beach.  Spread over 3 km, far-reaching Frank Island, and then touching Wickaninnish Inn in the north. This beach is called so because it is named after John Phillip Chesterman, an early white pioneer. He got the crown grants for the region in 1915 and resided here.

The Chesterman beach is long and relaxing, you could just walk along the shore line and it will in some magical way serve as your means of catharsis. People get their dogs here, this is a good place to walk your dogs and play with your pets. And though a lot of people come over for spending good time here, due to its long stretch, this place somehow never appears to be crowded, so never will it disappoint you, creating more chaos.

To the south is Euclulet, this village is known as the fishing village, fishing being the primary source of income here and occupation here, you could go down to this place and enjoy the rustic essence of this place and be a part of the local culture for a while.

Nature has truly blessed this place, there are hills and forest cover which touch up with the sand on the beach and then there is Pacific Ocean splashing and playing over right in front of your eyes. It is a delight to sit by simply watching the sun set and admire the little things that nature has given to us. A perfect place to enjoy a family picnic, or just sit and ponder upon life and do a bit of self introspection, this place just lets you be on your own, close to your inner self. There’d be this very different kind of happiness that you would feel once here.

You can walk to the Frank Island when the tide is low, it is peaceful. This beach is considered one amongst the top 10 beaches in North America for beginner surfers. It is suggested that you take time to sit and see both high tide and low tide; both have a unique beauty of their own. The landscape keeps changing with different phases of the day and it is amazing to witness the play of nature. You could take up some guest house near the beach and spend the weekend here to be able to completely be here and see things and not just that but be a part of them too. There is a parking nearby, mostly busy this parling also has a restroom for visitors.

Take out time from your busy schedules and try to visit Chestermen beach, to feel closer to nature and to your own self.