Cheap yet Incredible Backpacker Destinations

Cheap yet Incredible Backpacker Destinations

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A large number of travelers wish to travel without breaking the bank. Some countries offer the tremendous opportunity of exploration where you don’t have to think twice before spending. Below are few countries which are highly inexpensive destinations around.


Though Thailand is now known as one of the most up-scale travel + tourist destinations of the world but that doesn’t mean that it has lost its reputation of budget travel destination. In country’s northern regions, you can find the cheap plus neat and tidy dorms/private rooms to reside. Though you cannot expect the modish luxury here but you can definitely find the accent of Thai here. In terms of price versus quality, Thailand has much more to offer compared to other countries. Convenient transportation, street food culture has made Thailand the easiest backpacking destinations of the world.


Bali is the Indonesia’s key tourist destination. If you only glue around Kuta and Legion, the beachside towns located close to the airport, you’ll find that price range is not much different than those Western countries. The mentioned places primarily cater the surfers and are full of expensive nightclubs, O’Neill’s surfing shops and posh hostels. But if you head to just slightly further inland and prices drop dramatically.

For example Ubud is a famous central town here, to rent this little temple; you just have to spend the amount equivalent to $10 a night. Here you’ll be offered a king size bed, a personal porch and a bathroom (large enough to keep an elephant). At the same time as Bali can be more reasonably priced than you’d think, the best bargains can still be found in other parts of Indonesia, for example, the neighboring Lombok or the island of Sumatra. The more adventurous traveler will find uncountable regions around Indonesia that are still somehow untouched by tourism and blessed with local prices.


Cambodia though counted as one of the cheapest places to travel in South-East Asia but it is also one of the poorest, so a little persistence is required when it comes to things such as the local transportation. You’ll be traveling frequently in very old buses and cramped mini vans, but once you reach at your destination, you can enjoy comfort for very little.

You can easily find good dorm beds and Basic private rooms in the capital Phnom Penh or in Seam Riep in highly affordable price range. The food in Cambodia is generally not quite tasty as that of Thailand or Vietnam, but it still has few delicious dishes. If you eat locally you can do so for mere pennies. Cambodia is not only cheap but it also offers a lot to see. Other than the temples of Angkor Wat, you can relax on a beautiful beach, or may head to Sihanouksvile or to the island of Koh Rong where you can watch a stunning tropical beach.


Nepal, the country which houses the great Himalayas has recently underwent an unfortunate earthquake is still known as one of the best places in the world for secure and reasonable mountain trekking. Regardless of the seclusion, many routes all the way through the Himalayas have teahouses and lodges where you can eat and sleep. You can survive a really economical way in urban areas, it can be even less when on trekking. The food is cheap and yet delectable.


Nicaragua has long been off the tourist radar due to political and civil instability, but at present the country is secure and open for tourism. If Costa Rica is out of the league, then Nicaragua makes for a just right alternative. Right now it is the cheapest backpacker destination in Central America. Though you can find the accommodations as cheap as you find in South Asian Countries but keep in mind that prices can easily double that if you choose to stay in Western-owned places. Staple food in Nicaragua is beans and rice based and does not offer much variety. There’s some great easy on the pocket seafood to be had in many places, you can find the cheapest lobster here.


India is a massive country which offers a variety of cultures and food and regional price differences are there. So, the budget is highly dependent on where you go. The Indian food is obviously very tasty and also very low-priced; you can find an average full meal for amount equivalent for $2 and a large assortment of snacks for as little as 20 cents.

You can find good accommodation here and yes . . . huge mass and hassle too. Bargaining is a big part of the culture, and you will have to argue lot to keep costs down. But India is apparently a top budget destination, and it would be highly negligent not to list it here.


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