Celebrating 70 years of Independence in Capital

In the year 1947, India got freedom from the British rule after almost 3 centuries. On 15th of August, India, a country of more than 1.25 billion people celebrates this day with joy and pride. This celebration is a tribute to all the freedom fighters who scarified their lives for this great country.

On this day the entire country unites together regardless of their cast, religion, race, etc. It is a national holiday, where all the offices, schools, colleges, etc are shut. Independence Day is celebrated in all the states, but Delhi being the capital, has a bigger and better celebration. The entire city is beautifully lit up in tri color. Government buildings and offices are decorated in that theme.

Independence Day

The preparation for this occasion starts well in advance. On the eve of Independence Day, that is, 14th of August, the Prime Minister of the country delivers a speech known as the “Address to the Nation”. In this he tells the country about the significance of Independence Day and lists the events that will take place the next day.

Next morning, the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort. Once the flag is hoisted everyone stands to sing the national anthem. After this the PM gives another speech in which he mentions all the achievements accomplished by the country, issues that need attention and solution to them. To encourage people to join the celebration, the Delhi transport corporation provides people with free rides to the Red Fort. The security at the venue is tight to ensure that the program goes on smoothly.

Red Fort

The next event is the Independence Day Fair. It is the highlight of the day. Shows such as the army march past, scenes depicting the struggle for freedom, different art forms from different parts of the country, etc are performed. This fair is organized to display the spirit of India. It showcases the diversity of cultures in this nation.


As it is the 70th year of freedom, the celebration will be a little different. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi will be launching a new programme called the “70 Saal Azadi- Zara Yaad Karo Kurbani” which can also be called ‘AZADI70’. It is a step to tell people that the country comes first and then it is individuals. There will also be a one week “Tiranga Yatra”. Here all the members of the parliament, celebrities, state legislatures, and lawmakers will carry the Indian flag to inspire people about patriotism and nationalism. This walk will start from the Arunachal border and will end at the border with Pakistan.

To make this day even more special there isa Kite flying competition in the city. Everybody in the city takes their tri color kites and decorate the sky with them. This is an old Indian tradition.

If you have never seen the Independence Day celebrations in Delhi, then you should definitely come and visit it and see how a country of different people, creed and beliefs come together as one.