Canada Ban entry for tourists till 31st October

Every other day we are busy planning our next trip, but we forget that there are still constant changes in travel rules all around the world. Right now, the latest Canada travel advisory suggests that the country has banned international tourists from coming in until October 31. According to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Bill Bair, the country is going to close the incoming of international tourists until the above-mentioned date.

The closure of Canadian borders is extended to all countries by land, air, or sea. The rule also includes the United States, so no leisure holidays in Canada for the rest of October. However, if you are a Canadian citizen and have permanent residence, you can definitely come to Canada. You would then have to go through a 14-day self-quarantine.

Canada closed its borders for non-essential travelers and non-citizens in March only. Canada has decided to shut down its borders after a second wave has affected parts of the country.

Right now only a certain group of people are allowed to travel to Canada for the rest of the month. These include Citizens, and permanent residents; those who have work permits for non-discretionary and non-optional reasons; international students with valid permits to study or those who have been approved for a study permit.

Moreover, permanent residents who were approved for residency before March 18, 2020, and have not been able to travel yet, will also be permitted. Any immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also come in. 

The decision has been made by the government in order to curb a potential second wave of Covid-19 cases in Canada.