Burma, a New Honeymoon Hotspot

With its mysterious beauty and a sense of intrigue associated with it,Burma or Myanmar, is slowly emerging as a significant touristdestination of South East Asia. However, tourists should note that dueto the political situation, certain areas of Burma are restricted toforeign travellers. At the same time, that should not cast a shadow onthe array of rich tourists destinations which Burma has to offer.

The climate of Burma is a tropical monsoon type with three distinctiveseasons. While, the hottest and driest months are March and April,when both humidity and temperature is high, the wet period stretchesfrom May to late October. The best time to visit Myanmar would beafter the rains have stopped. Thus, the months between December andFebruary are best to enjoy the scenic beauty of Burma. Tourists shouldalso note that Myanmar’s climate also varies with altitude.

While the tourist attractions of Mynamar are not as hyped as that ofother countries, that doesn’t take away from their exquisite beautyand the rich cultural history which they represent. Yangon, thecapital city, is the most important gateway to Myanmar. Nicknamed as”The Garden City of the East”, Yangon is a unique example of a19th-century British colonial capital. It is home to polished pagodasand churches of British colonial era. Shwedagon Pagoda, the mostprominent and revered landmark attracts numerous tourists, being therepository of the best of Myanmar heritage.

The main tourist destination in Myanmar is the city of Bagan. Situatedon the eastern bank of the Ayeyawaddy River, the heart of thecountry’s ancient architecture resides here with more than 2,000temples and stupas. Incidentally, Bagan also happens to be the capitalof Myanmar’s first dynasty. Bagan boasts of unlimited exquisitetemples and pagodas. Your visit to Burma would be incomplete withoutexploring the culture of Mandalay, the second largest city and thelast Royal Capital of Myanmar. Tourists can get a glimpse of theBurmese culture in this aptly nicknamed ‘Cycling City’.

Inle, located in the Shan Hills in Myanmar will add another dimensionto your travelling experience of Myanmar. The weather of Inle Lakediffers from other places in the country as the air is a bit coolerand drier.With its freshwater lake and numerous villages on floatingislands and colourful local markets against the foggy mountain ranges,Inle is renowned for its picturesque aura.

When you travel to a new place, it is best that you completely immerseyourself in their culture, a great way of which is sampling the localcuisine. Burmese food is usually a blend of Chinese, Indian and Moninfluences. However, when visiting Burma, visitors should make it apoint to sample dishes such as Mohinga (a dish of rice vermicelli withfish gravy), Onnokauswe (Thick noodle soup of coconut milk withchicken) and Curry Mayanma among numerous others.

So for all the tourists looking for a relatively unexplored terrain tovisit, tap the scenic potential of the beautiful Burma.