Bikini Airline VietJet coming to India!

Bikini Airline VietJet coming to India!

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Vietnamese budget airline ‘VietJet’, popularly known as ‘Bikini Airline’ is all set to come to India. The controversial airline has also announced direct flights from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City. Its flight will fly four times a week and begin between July and August.

In 2017, VietJet Air earned a total revenue of 986 million dollars and served over 17 million passengers. VietJet currently operates around 60 routes both at the domestic and international level. It started operating in 2011 and is Vietnam’s first private airline. According to the present data available, the airline also hopes to have around 200 aircraft by 2023.


source- Hype and Stuff

This Bikini Airline is well known for its racy and even sexist marketing tactics. The airline is run by a woman named Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao,  who became famous by draping women in nothing but skimpy bikinis. She is VietJet Air’s CEO and Vietnam’s first woman billionaire.

The airline was in news for parading lingerie models down the aircraft’s aisle that was flying the national football team. Now, the airline has headed to India. Speculations of much uproar on its arrival are already there but this one may actually be quite interesting to see too. Many online users also said they found it inappropriate to send lingerie models to accompany young men.

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