Best Travel Destination for Food Lovers

Food is the global passion so as travel. It’s a great idea to travel to the places where you can satisfy your tummy too. Adventure + Travel + Food = Heavenly Combination. Plus, there is also a new term called ‘Adventure Eaters’ used for those who love to travel to eat. Here is the list of few travel destinations where you can find the wild and wonderful world of international cuisine.

  1. Italy

Italian food and culture walk on a parallel track. Here, food is not merely a way of survival, it belongs to the history, and it defines Italy. Travelers are heading to Italian Peninsula for tempted food there. Although, Italian food has become famous worldwide but in a modified way, but you can find the delicious and authenticated flavors in Italy only.

The best part about dining in Italy is each region has its own specialty so you will never get bored of same flavor. The cuisine from north is based heavily on meat (red) with winter veggies such as carrots, cauliflowers etc. In Southern region, the cuisine is based mainly on fish and lamb with light salad. Here you’ll find the best sea food. While on Central Italy, you can jump upon Roman Cuisine, which includes traditional meat dishes. In Sicilian islands, there is a great influence of Arabs and Spaniards and severs an exquisite range of pastry.

  1. South Africa

South Africa is a rainbow nation which has a unique culinary blend of African, European and Asian cultures. The continent has terrific cuisines. Here you’ll get three types of styles: Tradition, modern and mixture of both traditional and modern.

The traditional African food is cooked either in an open fire or in a three legged pot (locally known as potjie). As a result, the meat prepared is tends to be served in stewed or grilled form. Usually a starch accompanies the meat namely, potatoes, rice or mieliepap (maize porridge). The typical South African dishes include amadumbe (sweet potato and peanut mash, topped with honey), tripe (lightly curried with small new potatoes and onion), chakalaka (a side served with main course inclusive of a secret ingredient), morogo (a type of wild spinach mixed in maize porridge) and the ubiquitous boerewors roll (a variety of sausages char-grilled over an open flame).

  1. Morocco

The Moroccan food was once a worst kept secrets in the food world. Owing to its super taste, flavors of Spain, France and Arab make food from Morocco unique which can’t be found anywhere else. While surfing all day long, you can stuff your tummy with some traditional and mouth watering Moroccan dishes. You can see almost every street bubbling with the delectable tagine – Chicken, Lamb or Eel. Or you can go for B’stilla – a pie with blends of almond, pigeon meat, egg and fresh coriander. Head to Djemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech, here you’ll find the best sample of food including kebabs, calamari and grilled sardines etc. Besides, you will find the unique sweet cheek meat of sheep’s head, snails cooked in a spicy soup that is helpful to get rid of colds and skewer of lamb’s liver.

  1. Malaysia

From glittering metropolitan to deserted beaches, Malaysia has it all. It is often known as the country from where the street food culture developed. Here you’ll find food stall everywhere . . . Everywhere means literally everywhere. In the small street, big street, outside the malls, outside coffee shops etc. The most famous ones are Assam Laksa, a dish made with rice noodles and fish soup. It is soured with tamarind and flavored with ginger flowers, bird eye chilies and cucumber sticks, Rojak . . .  fruit and vegetable salad, Bakuteh . . . meat bone tea, fatty pork ribs simmered in water with herbs and spices. Without the mention of Satay, food from Malaysia is incomplete . . . it is meat on stick over BBQ but hell spicy and tasty.

  1. India

Yet Indian food is famous but it’ll surely take a lifetime to completely explore the traditional Indian food. As it is a secular nation with diverse cultural heritages, India will offer you the best travel and food experience. Unlike any other country, you’ll find the difference in culture, food and climate every other state. For expression of flavors and art, India is paramount.

Gregory David once said about India “for them, food is the music inside the body and music is the food inside the heart.”

Here other than dining in you can also learn how to cook and explore the vast street food market with plethora of choices. Here you can eat by thali system. Indians are very happy people ready to give any sort of recommendation; plus, here you can eat by thali system, where you have to pay once and you can eat unlimited (service available at special thali restaurants only).