Best tourist destinations in Iran

Iran is the center of culture and fabulous architecture. This country might not seem like a usual tourist destination but its cities are very attractive. Iran offers marvelous landscapes, natural beauty, history, and wonderful architecture.  From the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, the historical, cultural, and natural sites are endless in Iran. If you are planning to visit Iran then check out the list of best cities and town to visit in Iran.

  • Esfahan

It is one of the greatest tourist cities in Iran. River Zayande Rood flows through the city over which bridges have been made. The river and bridges make the city beautiful and different. Some must-see attractions in Esfahan are Hasht Behesht Palace, Chehelsetoun, Chahar Bagh and Jame Mosque.

  • Tehran

    Source: Tehran Times

Tehran is the capital city of Iran, but it is not very historical or old. There are three big places to visit in Tehran Golestan, Sa’d Abad and Nyavaran, other than these you can visit the world’s most expensive museum- Jewelry museum. This city is usually crowded, full of people.

  • Shiraz

    Source: Iran Traveling Center

Shiraz is a city with huge heritage and culture, often called as city of love. It is the birthplace of great Persian wordsmiths Hafez and Sa’di. Here you can see various tombs, flower-gardens and arabesque interiors of Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque and a 1000 year’s old Qor’an gate. This place is over and over eulogized by romantic poets and travelers.

  • Kashan

    Source: 360Cities

Kashan is a small and desert city of Iran with eye-catching architectures. You can visit Fin garden, which is one of the oldest Iranian gardens and you can experience a full night of stars at Mesr Desert. The beautifully constructed houses in the city make it more different.

  • Tabriz

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Tabriz is located in the north-western region of Iran and is Called the ‘City of Compassion’, it is one of the most historic and significant cities of Iran. The city has a number of historic sites, which includes the Blue Mosque of Tabriz and the ruins of the Rab‘-e-Rashidi University. Other than that you can see the Tabriz Bazaar, Constitution House, Quran Museum, the Arg-e-Tabriz and the Anglican Church.