Best Skywalks of the World

Mother Nature is full of mind-blowing and stunning landscapes. With no surprise, the blue planet is preserving the everlasting beauty that has always amazed us. To get a close look of the exquisiteness of natural world, here is the list of few amazing skywalks that let us steal a look of these exceptional views.

Aurland Outlook – Norway

Walking on this is like taking a catwalk and ramp is the earth. Designed by Saunders Architecture, this incredible structure is the perfect platform for daredevils. Its crystal clear end gives you a sense of adrenaline that amplifies the experience of this magnificent view.  Here, you can go till the end of the platform and don’t worry . . . you’ll not fall as there is a frameless glass that keeps you from falling down.

Grand Canyon Skywalk – Arizona

One can literally float in the sky by having a walk in this skywalk. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass floored cantilever structure that is standing 70 feet over the Grand Canyon’s edge and is at 4000 feet above the Colorado River. This horseshoe shaped platform is located in a side canyon, close to the main canyon. This is undeniably a sensational view where there is glass and air between you and bottom of Grand Canyon.

Top of Tyrol – Mount Isidor, Austria

Designed by Aste Architecture, Top of Tyrol is a fantastic cantilevered platform hanging on the edge of Mount Isidor in Austria. Standing in this a little unsafe platform makes the Stubai Glacier sight an only one of its kind experience as if it wasn’t before! Imagine how thrilling it is when you have to stand 9 meters away from the giant mountain range.

Five Fingers Viewing Platform – Krippenstein, Austria

Opened in 2006, Five Fingers Viewing Platform is a world heritage viewing point. It is the best skywalk to view the Austrian Alps. You can see five different angles of the mountains from this viewpoint. Each finger platform has its own unique feature. The first is equipped with a picture frame for the ideal snapshot, the second has glass flooring, the third has a trampoline, the fourth has a circle shaped hole in the floor to look down and the fifth has a telescope. Please make a note that trampoline is open only for special events so that not everybody start bouncing over the railings. The trampoline signifies freedom of the mountains.



Il Binocolo – Meran, Italy

Situated near Trauttsmandorff Castle in Meran, while taking walk to the gardens, you will find this charismatic steel platform poking out of the trees. Its binocular shaped roof gave name to this eye-catching platform, Il Binocolo, meaning The Binoculars. Designed by Architect Matteo Thun, the Il Binocolo increases the beauty with a glass floor and charming landscape view.

Willis Tower Skydeck – Chicago, Illinois

Skydeck at Willis Tower provokes visitors to step onto The Ledge, a series of glass bays that extend from the tower’s 103rd floor. The visitor’s stand four feet out from Skydeck’s west side and can watch the crystal clear and never before seen views of Chicago. The view to the infinite horizon is miraculous, 1,353 feet straight down.

Dachstein Skywalk – Austria

Nicknamed as the Balcony of the Alps, the Dachstein Skywalk hangs above the 850 feet above the Dachstein Glacier in Austria. Visitors mesmerize here by watching views of both Slovenia and Czech Republic from the glass floors. This ads some thrill to the attraction.