Best sandwiches from around the world

Sandwiched are go-to meals for many people as they are easily available, convenient, and can be carried anywhere. People around the world love to experiment with their sandwiches but some are iconic and favorite pick.

There are many classic sandwiches that people love to have and the ones who love food as much as travel, don’t miss the chance of trying out the variety of sandwiches that different parts of the countries offer.

Here are some iconic and famous sandwiches from around the world that you must try once in your life. You can even lookup for the recipes and try making them at home.

Vietnamese Bành Mì, Vietnam

Made with Vietnamese salami, oven-roasted pork belly,, grilled chicken, liver pate, pickled carrots, cucumber, and chili soy sauce.

Reuben Sandwich, New York

 Served on rye bread and made using beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.

The Chip Butty, England

A simple sandwich made using hot chips and white bread.

The Arepa, Venezuela

Made out of dough which is either baked, fried, or grilled and contains, meat, cheese, and veggies as filling.

Vada Pav, India

A well-known Indian street food which has a potato-filled and spicy vada stuffed in a bread called pav.

Boh Loh Yau, Hong Kong

A sweet sandwich with sugar on top, made using butter and bread. It is also known as pineapple bun.

Croquette Sando, Japan

These contain deep-fried potato balls that may have kabocha, ground beef, pumpkin, , and even mac & cheese as fillings.

Which sandwich are you most excited to try?