Best coffee shops around the world

There is no better way to explore the city than paying a visit to local coffee shops. While the caffeine will give you a boost, the vibe of such cafes sets your mood for the day.  On your quest to explore the city you are in, don’t forget to take a quick trip to some of the coffee shops.

Here are some cafés and coffee shops that are famous for more than just their coffees and you should definitely find some time to visit them.

Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland

If you are a fan of iced coffees with rich taste, roasted along with chicory, then this is the place for you. The cold brews here are sweetened with organic cane sugar and brewed for half a day. You can also buy reusable cups and other things as they have a separate collection for that.

Café Craft, Paris

If you want to discover the best of Parisian coffee then you shouldn’t miss visiting this café. This place is usually busy but it is definitely worth your while. Apart from espresso, people love the flat white served here but if you want to stick to basics, cappuccino here is just as good.

Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland

While it’s great to start your day with regular coffee, if you happen to be in Portland, Ore then you must try the affogato here. It is basically a shot of espresso poured over chilled homemade coconut ice cream and tastes divine. The baristas there are friendly and helpful.

Coffee Supreme, Auckland

Enjoy the kick of soda blended with coffee here! This is the only place that serves soda syrup with coffee and you can customize it as per your liking. The interiors of this café are just as impressive.

Café Vita, Seattle

Seattle has many places that serve great coffees and Café Vita is one of them.  This café’s specialty lies in small-batch coffee roasting and even has a public brewing school.

Double Tall, Tokyo, Japan

It is one of the famous coffee shops in Tokyo that serves exceptional coffee. This place is also known for the presentation of the drink and the latte art.

Here are some of the famous coffee shops across the world. Some of the cafes also sell their coffee beans and powders.  Do not forget to bring some packs home and share it with your fellow coffee enthusiasts!