Benefits of taking the tour of your own city

Travel is not about booking flight tickets, packing bags, making checklists for some special destination. Many of us are indulged in a job which hardly allows us to travel like a teenager or college student. Typically we regret for what we have rather than making it special. There are many beautiful gifts from the almighty in our hand which we forget and always keep looking for something unapproachable.

Travel Tips

If you fall under the same category as mentioned above then better be a tourist of your own city. I bet you are going to have more fun at comparatively lesser cost:

Find an escape from daily boring routine

It will cost you not a single penny to act like a tourist. Let the actor under you come out with few good friends who also share the same level of madness as you have. Forget that you are the owner of a car, let it take rest in your garage. Travel using local conveyance, go for site seeing (for sure you haven’t have watched the famous tourist place of your city more than once), have a walk to explore the streets and do everything else which you usually don’t do or would have done on a holiday. Yes, escapism is the answer to all the confusions of your life.


You’ll end up making some new friends

How many times you’ll ask for the number of that pub singer and end up having a single WhatsApp chat? This world is moving at its pace so should you, get out of your comfort zone and meet people by accidents. History witness some accidents are really beautiful. I remember the time I spent with some really gentle pedestrians who treated me like their own child when I had lost my slippers in gurudwara after a long shoot schedule. They fed me tea and get me new slippers for free (they were janpath shopkeepers), we never met again but memories are still alive and will die with me. There is something more behind these city-lights, have a look once, unveil the hidden. Nothing would be more refreshing than this.


Fun with real tourists

How funny it would be when the auto rickshaw driver or storekeeper will try to fool you like they fool tourists. Experience the bargain moment with them and at last tell them that you are from this city only. Have a word with real tourists and tell them that you are also a tourist but in your own city, chat with them, appreciate the travel worm within them.

There is always more . . .

Most probably by now you would have thought of some more ideas about traveling in your city. Do share with us in comments below. Happy weekend friends . . .