Benefits of buying a travel insurance

Travel insurance might not be a necessary item on your list, you might think why to spend money on something that is uncertain. But nothing is fixed, holidays disaster, medical emergencies, and cancellations can occur anytime. Although travel insurance will not help you avoid these misfortunes they can be useful in some situations. Check out the benefits of buying travel insurance:

  • Resumption of journey

In case death occurs in your family while you are traveling, your flights will be covered to get you back home

  • Loss of income

If you get injured during your trip and can no longer work then you will be paid loss of income benefits for a limited period of time.

Source Tour My India
Source Tour My India
  • Overseas medical cost

In case you need to go to the hospital suddenly because of illness or injury then your hospital stay and treatments will be covered.

  • Accidental death

If you die within one year of an injury that you experience during your trip then you are entitled to a death payment.

  • Theft

Travel insurance covers you in case your things or luggage is lost or stolen during your trip.

Source tripsavvy
Source tripsavvy
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits

If you missed your flights or planned accommodation because of uncontrollable circumstances like sickness, injuries or natural disasters then you are covered for cancellation fees and lost deposits.

  • Activity cover

During a vacation, all of us participate in some adventure activities travel insurance covers you in case you get injured while performing any activity.

  • Travel medical insurance

In travel medical insurance, travelers can get reimbursement for the total amount of money that they spend on medical treatment.